About Us

Rushi Enterprise is a leading manufacturer of high quality metallic floor hardener under brand name Metconete since 1988. With over 27 years of experience along with proficient personnel in production, we have gained knowledge and skills of identifying right raw material mix as well as have managed to increase our competence in manufacturing the product with the lowest possible cost and keeping the wastage at its minimum, consequently optimizing pricing and creating a significance in overall value chain.

We have gradually gained experience in understanding the needs of our clients and accordingly providing them with customized graded size to enhance the results. We as a company not only supply the best quality product and custom grade sizes but also manufacture made – to – order product to further enhance the quality and value for our clients.


In the course of 27 years, we have supplied Metconete to several reputed organisations and conglomerates like Reliance, IPCl, Gujarat Steel Tube, Lubi Pumps, Gujarat Samachar and many more.

Our company also had been a sole vendor to 120 years old UK based company "Heatly & Gresham India" for its product "Ironite".

Future Plans

With growing realization of multiple long term failures and problems of concrete, coupled with ever increasing costs of raw material and labour, construction industry is eagerly seeking new solutions for durable concrete floorings.

In this scenario Metconete offers unique, cost effective and cohesive long term solution. Considering the position and opportunity, we at Rushi Enterprise are looking to expand our Operations and Reach. We are planning to enter the markets both in India and Overseas. Furthermore, we are looking to spread our product line by offering Extra Hard Segment and Non Metallic Floor Hardener Segment in near future.