Metconete is a processed metallic composition specially manufactured to be used by mixing with ordinary Portland cement & grit/stone chips to provide x2 to x4 Extra Hard Surface Without affecting the setting time or chemistry of the cement.

Metconete is a processed graded iron particles which causes expansion under oxidization, hence covering up the smallest gaps, forming homogenous metallic surface of greater density & strength and gives as much as 50% extra life as compared to regular concrete floors.

Metconete is a product which does not require any special labour force and instantly starts giving results. Metconete floors strength obtained in 3 days is equivalent to strength obtained by ordinary cement concrete in 7 days. This results in better finish and integration of the floor. Hence Metconete Is becoming a preferred solution to many concrete problems


Test Results

28 days results Plain Cement Concrete Concrete Using Metconete
Abrasion Test Results in mm (IS : 1237) 1.19 0.59
Compressive Strength kg/cu mt 2433 2533


  • Ports
  • Runways
  • Warehouses
  • Parking Lots
  • Locomotive Workshops
  • Machine Shops